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Application of Microwave

Continuous vulcanization of extrusion rubber product

Gasket for the building material

Roll for OA

Pre-heating of rubber materials

Drying ceramics

Drying and hardening of ferrite products

Drying of plaster molds

Drying of various ceramic products

Ampoule disinfection

Disinfection and drying of hollow fiber in artificial kidneys

Low-temperature drying of pharmaceutical products

Drying of lumber

Heat treatment and stretch treatment of synthetic fiber

Drying, roasting of tea leaves and sesame seeds

Swelling, drying of snack foods, potato chips, instant noodles, etc.

Disinfections and anti-fungal including mold treatment of general food materials

Processing candy products, e.g., lorries, chocolates

Insecticidal treatment including eggs in Tatami(Japanese straw mat) and buckwheat shell(material of Japanese pillow)

CD, DVD's data destruction

Heating and drying of sand casting

Drying and skimming fat of powdered

Heating of matalic powder

Expedition of chemical reaction