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The Strength of Micro Denshi Co., Ltd. (Manufacturing Process)

We, Micro Denshi Co., Ltd., our motto is "All about microwave heating and drying, leave it to Micro Denshi"

We can provide a variety of technical proposal from sample tests to the actual product line.

We have built microwave application apparatuses and devices together with our cutomers.

Finding the possibility with our customers is the reason Micro Denshi is the leading manufacturer of mirowave heating.

  • Is it possible to heat with microwaves?
  • Considering investment for the devices, but specs is the matter.
  • Perform experiments to shape ideas for the new products.
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Micro Denshi practice microwave radiation test depending on customer's needs to pursue heating performance, production efficiency, and profitability. We perform a thorough test of your samples considering the irradiation output, time and methods of microwaves.

Reference page: For Test pieces
Submission of Report(Evaluation)
  • We will submit a report based on the data obtained by the sample test.
  • We will evaluate based on the test results, and re-test is also possible upon your request.
Submission of System Proposal(Meetings)
  • In the process of manufacturing microwave application apparatuses, Micro Denshi put the most effort on proposing your own system given by the data obtained from the sample test.
  • This is a very important step to deliver you the basic specification of your microwave power heating application apparatus.
  • In some cases, we might even attend your project meeting at the planning stage.
Submission of Quatation,Confirmation of Specification
  • We will submit quatation based on the specification decided by the rigorous meeting. We will confirm the final specification at this step.
Receiving Order

At this step, we will receive an order form from customer.

Design of Equipment

"Easy to control, Easy to adjust, Easy to assemble" is our motto for designing equipment.


At Micro Denshi, we rely on our architect's basic design knowledge, is for sure, and also rely on the sense of designer who has the key to make "Well-done" microwave heating application apparatus.

Production of Equipment

At our company, all microwave heating application device's design, assemble, and adjustment is done in-house.

Especially the asemble part, we rely on personal experiences and expertise.

This has also been our strength, to keep manufacturing the microwave application apparatuses for many years.

Completion of Equipment

To deliver high quality microwave heating application apparatus to customers, all employees are working with the policy as "Micro Denshi brand". In Micro Denshi, our final inspection will be conducted with our strict internal standard and also according to the quality management system of ISO9001.

Trial Operation(at your attendance)

We conduct performance test in-house based on the production specification for summary. Then, you can see the complete performance of your equipment.


From loading to starting up your microwave heating eqipment, we will do a complete follow-up of your equipment including operator training. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact our staff.