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Privacy Policy

At this site, to protect our customers privacy, our Privacy Policy regarding personal information as follows.


(1) To protect our customers personal information, the concept of our privacy policy.

This site is operated to supply information and services to our customers.

 (In some parts of our website, we might ask for your personal information,

only in use of voluntary services such in case as for inquiries)


At this site, we recognize the serious responsibility to handle personal information

The followings are our idea of handling personal imformation


  • 1) Complying with privacy policy and other relevant regulations that apply to personal information. Personal infromation will be handled with respect, and the method will continue to improve as necessary.
  • 2) Clarifying the regulations of handling personal information, and to make it known thoroughly to all employees.
  • 3) Regarding acquisition of personal information, notifying the purpose of use specifically. And personal information given is used only for these purposes.
  • 4) For prevention of personal information leakage, loss, and falsification, an appropriate action will be taken for safety management.

(2) Regarding the purpose of collecting and use of personal information,

this site to use for following purposes.

  • 1) Information on doing business of our products and services.
  • 2) For planning and development of product, or for customer satisfaction. To conduct a survey to customers.
  • 3) Business execution and services requiring quick implementation such case as response to customer's inquiries.

(3) At this site, the personal information provided by our customers will not be transferred

to third parties excluding the following situation

  • 1) For use of shippment of products, required documents, and other information, by a variety of shipping methods.
  • 2) The commission of our production, development, and management to our external contractors.
  • 3) To publish the results of statistics or non-identifiable aggregate form.

(4) The confirmation, correction, and deletion of personal information provided by customers,

for the accuracy of the information. It can be done in prescribed method

(telephone or inquiry form on site) In addition, correspondace of these measurements are done rigidly and rapidly.