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About the Test Unit

Please take the advantage of using test Units on situations like follows.

What are the things I should consider about specification of the equipment?

There are many types of test Units available like continuous type, batch type, and other cutting-edge experimental devices. We propose the best specification of microwave heating application equipment to respond to a wide range of industries such as rubber, chemical, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, wood pulp, paper, food, and textile through these test.


Want to have experiment to shape the idea of new product.

We offer technical solutions that meets the work's condition of heating and drying. We are hoping to be a supplier that can provide a solution to every problem.

Continuous Conveyor Type

12kW Belt conveyor type microwave continuous heating furnace

Equiped with 12kW microwave oscillator, and also up to 250℃ of hot air flow can be combined with. It is used for the continuous vulcanization experiments of extrusion rubber product, and other various work's continuous heating and drying.

Microwave output 0.4~12.0kW
Temperature of hot air ambient temp. ~250℃(temperature in furnace)
Dimensions of Furnace 310(W) x 320(H) x 4190(L)mm
Effective height 105mm
Belt 130(W)mm
speed of conveyor: 1.0~15.0m/min
flat, or mesh can be selected

Batch type

10kW Microwave Oven

Hot air flow can be combined with it. Respons to wide ranging experiments.

Microwave output 0.2~10.0kW
Temperature of hot air ambient temp. ~120℃(temperature in nozzle)
Dimensions of Furnace 900(W) x 1000(D) x 850(H)mm
Effective height 500mm
Turntable φ800㎜
Others has lights and inspection window

5kW Microwave Oven

Used for small waorks to be irradiated for the first test.

Microwave output 0.1~5.0kW
Dimensions of Furnace 470(W) x 470(D) x 470(H)mm
Effective height 300mm
Turntable φ400㎜
Others 4 side of heating furnace are possible to change.
(Ex.) put a stirring drum in the side

Decompression type 1.5kW Microwave Oven

Used for the purpose of low temperature drying.

Microwave output 0.1~1.5kW
Dimensions of Furnace 645(W) x 645(D) x 645(H)mm
Effective height 400mm
Turntable φ600㎜
Pressure 13.3kPa(100Torr)

3kW Microwave Oven

Designed to correspond to various objects. Prevents from heating blur (Heating uniformity)

Microwave output 0.2~3.0kW
Temperature of hot air ambient temp. ~120℃(temperature in nozzle)
Dimensions of Furnace 700(W) x 700(D) x 700(H)mm
Effective height 450mm
Turntable φ600㎜
Others has lights and inspection window

Attached Facilities

Microwave Controller

Touch-Panel Indicator

Purpose To control microwave output while measuring the temperature of object
Temperature measurement Choice of fiber or infrared thermometer

Purpose Measurement of surface temperature distribution


Picture using visual light

A infrared thermograpy picture after heating by microwave

Histogram of temperature distribution analizing infrared thermography picture above.

Electromagnetic simulator
Purpose Designing and developing of applicator
Microwave circuit component

Electromagnetic simulator

Data analysis of electric field distribution of microwave heating device analized by electromagnetic simulator